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Mental Cases: A Study in Static

In 1978, the STARGATE Project broke the human psyche. By 2025, 20% of the world’s population possess some degree of extrasensory ability. Televised subliminal messages are infecting Washington DC with ultraviolent behaviors and the prime suspect has been dead for years. This is the mystery Dr. Joan Watts enters when she moves in with renown detective Sherman Heimes. Together, they race to save the city, while their pasts haunt them at every turn. “Mental Cases: A Study in Static” is a science fiction, neo-noir mystery filled with government conspiracies and human tragedies.

Mental Cases: A Study in Static is a science fiction, neo-noir comic series. It’s currently available through Comixology.

The Lamplighter
The Lamplighter

This is the secret history of your world.

Since the thunderous dawn of creation, there has been a secret war between what is and what was. The Khaous, survivors from the universe before the Big Bang twisted into a cancerous, eldritch force, seek to consume the entirety of our reality in order to reclaim it. The Earth’s only true line of defense is the arcane Brotherhood of the Stolen Flame, named for the divine fire given to mankind by benevolent gods.

A new battleground has opened in the new world as the British Empire looks to expand to North America. When the true first British colony falls to a siege of demons, the only survivor Pearl Chaucer is forced into the hidden world running parallel to our own and the secrets it holds. Under the tutelage of Theseus Aeker, hermit and member of the Brotherhood, she embarks on a quest to save not only the uncharted continent, but the whole world.

The Lamplighter is a historical fantasy novel set in pre-Colonial America. It’s currently on Amazon.