TYRANT FALL #1 on Kickstarter!!!

My latest project is coming to Kickstarter! Check it out at: kickstarter.com/projects/tyrantfall1/tyrant-fall-1!

Tyrant Fall #1 is the extra-sized, full color premiere issue of a sci-fi/fantasty action epic, drawing inspiration from the pages of DragonBall Z and Heavy Metal Magazine, as well as Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy roleplaying games. It’s 30 pages of kick-ass action set in a world of war-driven technologies and arcane magics.

Thousands of years ago, the elven Fae Lords benevolently ruled over the world, overseeing an era of peace. Witnessing the ascend of human civilization, the Fae Lords returned to their home realm, the Fae. To mankind, they bestowed two final gifts: dominion of the world and the ancient knowledge of magic.

The Fae Lords peace ended at the hands of the Dragons, tyrants who rose to power as they warred amongst themselves. Their strength, inhuman. Their rule, absolute. None have escaped their oppression. But there are those ready to fight the impossible fight to free the world from tyranny.

Enter Myrta, warrior of the Rebellion, humanity’s last resistance against the Dragons. As a child, she could only watch and run as the Red Dragon destroyed her life. Now, fifteen years later, she has returned. Armed with the power to get her vengeance, Myrta readies to attack the Red Dragon’s citadel. Little does she know what fate awaits her within.

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Once more, follow this link to get there: kickstarter.com/projects/tyrantfall1/tyrant-fall-1!